Wellbeing Workshops

Wellbeing workshops are 1-hour or full day psychoeducational sessions on the topic of your choice.

Youth MHFA: 5-hour session
Adult MHFA: 6-hour session

Receive a Certificate upon completion.

The National Council for Mental Wellbeing provides a full certification course about how to identify, understand, and respond to signs and symptoms of mental health disorders. The Adult MHFA training is 6 hours and the Youth MHFA training is 5 hours available only online. Course requires the completion of 2-hour pre-work that is self-paced through the online portal. Group must have a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 15 participants. You must be age 18+. Youth MHFA is for adults who are around youth. Tuition includes access to training manual, participant processing guide, and video/audio/print resources. Certification is valid for 3 years.

1.5-hour session

How do you define trauma? This workshop provides a brave space to explore the different types of trauma and its impact across the lifespan and over generations. Gain peer support with breakout sessions centered on the practices of self-care and community-building in response to individual harm and systems of oppression. In the spirit of healing at your own pace, wellness activities and local resources will be provided to support your mental health and greater well-being. This session models an open discussion format that explores cultural values and the prevalence of mental health issues in the Filipinx/a/o community.

1.5-hour session

Learn about the different types of stress and trauma. Participants will learn to recognize signs and symptoms across the lifespan and highlight the importance of resiliency in the practice of self-care and community healing.

1.5-hour session

This workshop focuses on trauma-informed principles to ensure a safe environment at home and/or at your workplace.

1.5-hour session

Depression and anxiety are often mentioned in daily conversation and social media nowadays. What are the common signs and symptoms? This is a psychoeducational session to learn the similarities and differences between the two and its risk factors.

1.5-hour session

Traditionally, there is high importance placed on family in Filipino culture. But when family members have different views or communication styles that clash, conflict can occur and exacerbate dynamics in the household. Difficult family relationships can take on many forms and significantly impact us in ways that manifest into self-blame, fear and anxiety, low emotional support, and heightened stress. Through a guided discussion, participants are welcome to share life experiences and best practices with peers. Participants will learn effective conflict resolution strategies that are crucial for maintaining boundaries and addressing conflict in the family. 

2-hour session

Being an activist can be stressful when you’re balancing school, work, and organizing. As activists aiming to create systemic change for communities long seeking justice, the work we do is bound to get pushback from those upholding the status quo. What do you do when a comrade is having trouble finding that balance, or is in crisis? Or when an agitator is derailing your org’s message? Whether talking one-to-one with a friend or marching in the streets with your fist up, de-escalation training provides skills that can be used in many situations. Participants are provided scenarios and given hard skills for learning and practicing how to verbally de-escalate a situation. Open learning environment in which people of all skill levels are welcome.

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