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Project LETS

Directory for Mental Health Providers

Asian Mental Health Collective – AAPI therapists

Fil-Am Mental Health Professionals Directory – Filipino therapists

Psychology Today – California-based therapists

Center for the Pacific Asian Family – Domestic Violence

Asian American Drug Abuse Program – Substance Use

SSG Silver – Older Adults (Age 65+)

SSG Alliance – Adults (Age 18-64)

Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA) – Children, Youth, and Families

Asian Pacific Counseling and Treatment Centers – All Ages

Pacific Asian Counseling Services – All Ages

South Asian Network – All Ages

API Equality LA – LGBTQIA2S+

Crisis Support

CONTENT WARNING: Suicide, institutionalized violence, trauma


This is the suicide and crisis lifeline offers 24/7 call, text, and chat access that aims to replace 911 in order to streamline mental health professionals as first responders for emergencies across the nation.


I believe that you should be informed of your rights when making decisions about whether to contact 988 or a warmline in a crisis for your safety and wellbeing.
988 can be used ethically in the same way as therapists are trained to be with clients in that the least restrictive option should be prioritized. If a client discloses thoughts of suicide, but does not have an active plan and is not immediately at risk, then therapists do not need to report it.
However, if a client discloses to have an active plan for suicide, therapists are to explore with the client to make a “voluntary” hospitalization first. If the client declines and is still at high risk, then therapists must legally report it and the psychiatric mobile response team is to facilitate an involuntary hospitalization. When at all possible, it is the ethical duty of a therapist to explore the least restrictive means and not immediately resort to an involuntary hospitalization, which is highly traumatizing.
988 is meant to mirror that of a therapist. But what is often missing when it leads to hospitalization is transparency and communication about a client’s rights and limits to confidentiality with self-disclosure and safety planning for suicide.

Alternatives to 988

Warm lines are typically staffed by trained peers who have experienced mental health challenges of their own. They focus more on peer-to-peer support to prevent crises. Free and confidential.


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